24K GOLD Collagen Eye Mask

2,000 Ks


* LOOK YOUNGER, REFRESHED AND MORE AWAKE -Without the expense of spa treatments to treat those dark circles, under eye bags,wrinkles and puffiness. * LET THE RESULTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES – From the very first application you’ll notice increased hydration, depuffing , tone and a smoother surface to give you a new kind of long lasting confidence. * THE PERFECT BLEND OF INGREDIENTS FOR YOU -Soothing 24k gold, plumping collagen, hydrating hyaluronic acid, refreshing vitamin c serum, anti aging seaweed polysaccharides, brightening liquorice extract, moisturising oat peptide and calming rose essential oil. Free from parabens and alcohol. * TAKES SECONDS TO APPLY -Simply open the pack / sheet and place under eyes and the hydrating cooling pads will do the rest! Formulated to reduce slipping and sliding.


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