Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub

6,000 Ks


This kit has a dual bottles. One bottle contains Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub and the other contains Sweet Moisturizing Lip Mask. One application of the double effect lip care overnight can be up to ten times more effective in caring for your lips than using ordinary lip balms. This kit combines with strawberry and various extracts, can effectively improve the dryness of lips skin tissues and keep lips moisturized for 24 hours.

Lip Scrub
Our Lip Scrub works wonders to clear away dead skin and improve lip color and lip lines with natural fragaria chiloensis ananassa fruit extract.Use lip scrub to exfoliate,make sure the nutrition and moisture can be fully absorbed.

Lip Mask
The Lip Mask rapidly triggers new collagen fiber growth, restoring healthy glossy smooth lips. Lip Mask can help recover lips natural complexion & moisture deep hydration.

Why Choose Sweet Dream Lip Caring Kit?
100% natural and effective plants ingredients
Suitable for all skin kinds
Sweet smell make you feel like a strawberry field



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