Niacinamade Cream

4,000 Ks


Formulated with niacinamide,trehalose,sodium hyaluronate and other carefully selected skincare ingredients.Niacinamide Cream is ideal for most skin types.It can reduce pore size, smooth out skin surface and make your skin radiance.Contains Portulaca Oleracea Extract, a natural dermal anti-inflammatory, an ingredient that helps to heal the skin.It also doubles as an excellent all-purpose face cream.

Improving Pigmentation & Radiant Complexion
Niacinamide is a very stable form of Vitamin B3 that helps fade the look of dark spots and improves skin texture. Sodium hyaluronate draws in moisture to the skin for a plumper and more youthful appearance.

Anti-Aging & Minimizing Pores
Our cream contains niacinamide, VC and VE, the effective and powerful formula, that helps reduce your fine lines,tighten & refine the look of stretched, sagging pores caused by age or sun damage.

Deep Hydration & Moisturizing
This nourishing formula, including trehalose and portulaca oleracea extract, replenishes and restores lost moisture, leaving you with smooth, comfortable, younger-looking skin.


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